Advanced Materials for

Semiconductor Assembly,
Package Substrate, and
Printed Circuit Board

Along with the evolution of electronics devices, Showa Denko Materials is offering various materials for advanced Package substrates & Printed Circuit Boards for your innovative technologies and products including;
...Substrate materials for large body-size FCBGA, Ultra-thin SiP, Fine circuit designs, High-speed signal designs.
...PCB materials for high data transmission(Low DkDf), next gen reliability(High Tg + Low CTE).

AI (2.5D/FCBGA) Package

1. Substrate Materials

Core and Prepreg for SubstrateLow CTE and Low Dk/Df

Core and Prepreg for advanced semiconductor Package substrates.
-E-700GR, E-705G, E-770G and E-795G are low CTE and high modulus core materials which solve warpage problems of large body-size FCBGA, Ultra thin SiP and other packages.
-HS100 and HS200 are low CTE and low Dk/Df substrate materials which contribute to low warpage and low transmission loss for 5G high-speed Package applications.

Photosensitive Dielectric LiquidManaging to Balance High Processability and Reliability

AH series is a Positive-tone(fine resolution), Alkaline developable(process friendly) Photo-Imageable-Dielectric which enables super high resolution for RDL applications.

Solder Resist (Liquid & Film)Suitable for High Reliability & Low Warpage Substrate

Photosensitive solder resists with high reliability and excellent HAST/TCT resistance.
We offer both liquid and film types. SR series are highly reliable solder resists for FCBGA and other package substrates and enable the substrates to be thinner and finer because of its excellent HAST and TCT resistance even in thin resist layers.

Photosensitive Dry Film “PHOTEC”for Forming Advanced Electronic Circuits

Photec is a photosensitive film that froms an accurate image by ultraviolet irradiation.
RY series and RD series are high adhesion on the flat surface, high resolution, excellent imaging property and other advantages than conventional films.
These used for high density semiconductor package such as BGA, CSP and so forth.

-RY series are glass mask type.
-RD series are direct imaging type.

Primer for Fine PatterningWith surface roughness Rz 1.0 – 2.0 µm

PF-EL is our advanced material for fine pattering package substrates by Semi-Additive Processes.
The requirements to miniaturize the high-performance printed circuit boards are increasing. With PF-EL and our special primer we have developed a product that allows a very good adhesion of a very smooth copper treatment bonded to a core or prepreg.
Due to the low roughness of the copper and the good adhesion, finer lines and spaces can be achieved, which significantly increases the wiring density.
With this product we are able support the next generation packaging.

2. Printed Circuit Board Materials

High Reliability Laminate and PrepregHigh Tg and Low CTE

High reliability laminate and prepreg for multi-layer boards(MLB)
- E-700GR, E-705G, E-770G series are super high Tg and ultra low CTE MLB materials for next generation high reliability PCBs such as for aerospace and specialty industrial applications.

Low Dk/Df Laminate, Prepreg and FilmLow Dk/Df and Low CTE

Low Dk/Df laminate and prepreg for multi-layer PCB.
-HE-679GS, LW-900G/910G, HS-100 and HS-200 are low Dk/Df and low CTE MLB materials which contribute to low transmission loss and high reliability for data centers, router/switches, automotive, aerospace applications and so on.
-AS-400HS is a low Dk/Df film without glass cloth which has excellent adhesion to teflon and other materials for antennas and 5G mmWave applications.

High Reliability Laminate and PrepregHigh Tg

Our long proven original polyimide resin system offers a high glass transition temperature (Tg) (200-240°C; TMA) and can be cured at a low lamination temperature, similar to FR-4. We offer a variety of prepreg options, such as no-flow for rigid-flex circuits.
I-671 has high reliability and is often used in medical and military products.

3. Interconnection Materials

Isotropic Conductive FilmFlux Free Interconnection on Solder, Cu, AI Surfaces

ICF (Isotropic conductive film) is an unique conductive film which can interconnect Solders, Cu foils, Al foils, and other metal surfaces WITHOUT FLUX.
The isotropic conductive film (ICF) can connect circuit boards at a temperature of 100°C with as low as 0.1MPa pressure.

Other ICF advantages are below:
1. Solder comparable interconnection by one step bonding without flux
2. Several Process applicable (Thermal compression, Autoclave, Vacuum laminator)
3. Great reliability (Reflow process compatible, Bendable)
4. Good adhesion

Anisotropic Conductive Film “ANISOLM”One Shot Fine Pitch Interconnection

ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film, ANISOLM) is a functional film which enables fine pitch interconnection between 2 substrates:
・ Interconnection of facing electrodes
・ Insulation of neighboring electrodes
・ Encapsulation of bonding area
only by ONE STEP thermal compression bonding.

Thanks to this simple process, ACF has been widely used in Display and Semiconductor industries for over 35 years, since we first developed in 1984.