Carbon Products

Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

Showa Denko Materials's anode material is artificial graphite with many internal pores. These pores promote smooth intercalation of lithium ions and allow as many ions as possible to be stored in each particle. This unique particle structure realizes superb performance and high capacity.

Brushes for Automobile

Series of MH

Automobiles use lots of small motors in devices such as starters, electric fans, wipers, power windows. These automotive brushes are demanded for efficiency, durability, low noise and recently decrease in material of environmental pollution (lead free). Showa Denko Materials has a great deal of experience in manufacture of brushes for automotive motors. Showa Denko Materials offers high-quality brushes for automotive.

Brushes for Appliance and Power Tool Motors

Series of MH, GH

Showa Denko Materials is also proud of its expertise in the development and manufacture of small size brushes for appliances such as vacuum cleaners and for power tools like drills and grinders. In such applications, high power and long life are crucial. Showa Denko Materials provides brushes to meet these requirements through a system integrated from materials development to process technology.

Brushes for Micro Motors

Series of MH

Micro motors are increasingly in demand for applications such as automotive door mirror motors, door look motors, copiers, printers, and toys. Showa Denko Materials has a great deal of effort to develop brushes for micro motors.From design to manufacture, our technology is proven.

Carbon Sliding Materials <HITALOCK>

Carbon sliding materials have high self-lubricating qualities, and in addition, are excellent in thermal and chemical resistances. Such carbon materials have been used more widely as sliding material in many fields. Recently, they are used in paticular for anti-pollution purposes. Having started very early the development and manufacture of carbon materials in various many kinds, Showa Denko Materials are providing quality carbon products to meet the needs and demands from many different fields.