MB series

MB series are photosensitive films with alkaline developer for RIB patterning on several base materials, which can produce excellent fine structures.


  • Due to the film shape, it makes uniform thickness and good workability.
  • Due to the high performance of photo sensitively and developing ability, it can produce fine patterning on the large-area in a lump.
  • Good adhesiveness with glass or various resin base materials
  • Colorless or several colored types are available upon requests.

Example of Application

- Example for Display Materials: preparing rib structure

Grid structure Pile structre
Resist profile of grid structure
(L/S=40/ 300 μm)
Resist profile of pile structure
(φ=40 μm, H=80 μm)


Item Unit Results Measurement Method
 Mechanical  Tensile Strength MPa 6.8 Tension test Thickness: 120μm
Length: 20mm
Speed: 5mm/min
Temp.: R.T.
 Young's Modulus Pma 1150
 Elongation % 1
 Pencil Hardness - 2H -
 Water Absorption % 2.3 23 °C /24h Water dipping
 Thermal  Glass Transition  Point °C 85 TMA Thickness: 80μm
Length: 30mm
Temp.: -40-150 °C
Rate of temp. increase: 5 °C /min
Frequency: 1Hz
 Coefficient of  Thermal  Expansion ppm/K α1 = 9.2 (52.4 - 67.8 °C )
α2 = 854 (96 - 100.6 °C )
 Electrical  Dielectric  Constant - 4.12 Electrode:φ37
Guard Electrode(Insideφ39, Outsideφ50)
Temp.: R.T.
Frequency: 1kHz
 tan  δ - 0.013
 Electrical  Resistivity ρv Ω・cm 6.9×1015 Volume Resistivity Voltage: DC 500V
Temperature: R.T.
Electrode: φ50
 Adhesive  Minimum Line  Width μm Glass: 22
PET: 18
Thickness: 40μm
UV Exposure: 700 mJ/cm2


E-paper; 3D Display etc.